Youse in an innovative 100% digital rental guarantee service launched by CNP Assurances, the first personal insurance company in France. Youse brings a guarantor to the candidates that are ordinarily turned down because of their professional status (freelance, entrepreneur, etc.).

Key challenges: create awareness about the service and capture the market before competition arises.

How .YZ did it:
A 3-step process :
1. design a brand platform (mission, values, targets, speech elements)
2. pre-launch in May 2018 with a campaign highlighting the injustice striking those that don't fit right in : "Sorry, you are...". Wild display in the street of Paris during several weeks, as well as a digital and social media deployment.
. 1.5 million people reached in 3 months
. 100k visits on the website and 60k unique visitors
3. Launch in October 2018 with a national poster campaign and a TV spot "The stuntman".