.Mozaïk RH

Communication campaign


Assuming an equal education level, young graduates who come from less privileged areas are 2.5 times less likely to access employment than those from more privileged areas.
Discrimination in hiring, conscious or unconscious, persists in France, even though 400,000 jobs remain unfilled each year (Insee).
Mozaïk RH, is an NGO that was created to fight against that mecanism. It is the 1st Recruitment Consultancy specialized in the promotion of talents from diverse backgrounds.

Key challenges: In 2018, Mozaïk RH launched the 1st job board dedicated to promoting talents from diverse backgrounds. To make its job board a success, Mozaïk RH set the priority to attracting recruiters.

How YZ did it:
. Definition of a marketing and communication strategy for the diversifiezvostalents.com job board with the creation of a campaign for recruiters
. Step 1 - production of a campaign : concept and production/ partnership with JC Decaux (500 posters during 2 weeks - February 25)
> Rework, design and UX of diversifiezvostalents.com (creation of 2 specific landing pages, one for candidates, one for recruiters in order to optimize acquisition)
. Step 2 : global communication campaign (in progress)

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