.Climate Seed

Social Media - Pitch Deck


Global warming is one of the biggest problem of our times. To find real solutions is an emergency. Climateseed responds to this issue by offering a web market place of real and meaningful sustainable projects delivering voluntary carbon credits while contributing the the Sustainable Development Goals.

The challenge: Voluntary carbon offsetting is not very well-known and can suffer from common misconceptions. What’s at stake is to make the offer clear as the 1st BNP Paribas social business. It is also a start-up at the very beginning of its story, so everything has to be done.

How YZ did it:

First of all, .YZ creates essential communication tools. Then, the agency adjusts its support according to Climateseed's needs and evolutions.
. production of a vision film for the 2019 CES
. Targeting prospects and creation of tailor-made communication tools (pitch deck)
. Work on PR messages
. Social media strategy and coaching of the teams