.about us


YZ brings together people from all backgrounds around an exciting but not so simple project: reinventing the agency model in the age of social media. A challenge made necessary by trends impacting both brands and their customers: pervasive technology, addiction to information, acceleration of time, workforce uberisation, societal concerns, disintermediation as a lifestyle.

After +10 years working for some of the largest communication agencies, Dimitri and Julien went for something different and co-founded YZ in July 2017. A protean fast-growing post-agency, based upon 3 core beliefs:

  • mixing creative skills and expertise in brand reputation management, at the heart of the teaming between our two co-founders.
  • rigoroulsy applying design thinking principles to foster idea generation based on user-listening.
  • always keeping an open mind : it helps us move forward and prevents us from arrogance in an ever changing world



Boundaries are made to fall.
We constantly open up to new expertises, new knowledge, new people.
This is how we grow. This is how we stay awake.


By teaming up with MPG Partners, a leading consulting firm for the banking industry, we get hints of their innovative approach of an industry dealing with major transformation.

We work closely with Haigo, a team of design thinking experts, to bring agile methods into the communication workfield and to challenge the agency model.